Retired – Stamps2Go and GedGap2Go

As announced in the Coins for iOS project post, we have removed the Stamps2Go and GedGap2Go apps from sale as a new data model approach is developed.

The existing approach of a transaction notification to share data across iOS devices will no longer be used. We will adopt an approach of storing Stamps or GedGap documents on the iCloud Drive will can be accessed by macOS or iOS devices alike. The code based and data model of macOS and iOS will be the shared, meaning that as new features are developed for macOS, the iOS is likely to have similar functionality (where appropriate).

When the new model is developed (initially for a new Coins for iOS app), these apps will be end of life and be replaced by more versatile apps. Technical support will be available for six months from announcement of end of life.

Our goal will be to re-engineer the display, to move away from a tabular approach which worked well for older iPhones but given the screen space of newer devices, we will use tabbed layouts with tabular indexes to the left.

In the near future, a rebranded Stamps for iOS app and GedGap for iOS app will be announced.

Update (April 26, 2018): Read announcement of End of Life for Stamps2Go and GedGap2Go.